Programmatic Theme: Translational Bioinformatics

Abstract: In clinical practice, statin-associated symptoms (SAS) often result in dose reduction or discontinuation of these life-saving medications. Currently, physicians employ reactive strategies to manage SAS concerns after they manifest, such as offering an alternative statin treatment plan (e.g., reducing dosage or changing medication) or a ‘statin holiday’. We explore the feasibility to use complex phenotypic patient information obtained in OptumLabs® Data Warehouse to develop a precision-medicine tool to empower treating physicians to make proactive decisions.

Learning Objective: -optimization and precision medicine


Chih-Lin Chi (Presenter)
Univ of Minnesota

Jin Wang, University of Minnesota
Tatiana Lenskaia, University of Minnesota
Terrence Adam, University of Minnesota
Matt Loth, University of Minnesota
Prajwal Pradhan, University of Minnesota
Yue Liang, University of Minnesota
Wei-Yu Chen, University of Minnesota
Peter Tonellato, University of Missouri
Jennifer Robinson, University of Iowa

Keywords, Themes & Types