Programmatic Theme: Informatics Implementation

Abstract: Depression is a leading cause of disability among adults and remains largely undiagnosed. A national primary care clinic system implemented routine depression screening, incorporating a randomized trial of two styles of data communication: a directive approach (“screen 70 patients this week”) versus an interpretive report (“depression screening rate is 20%”). Clinics receiving the interpretive report had 18% lower odds of completing depression screening. Communication style may independently impact quality performance and acceptance by clinical teams.

Learning Objective: Understand the role communication strategy has on clinic staff understanding and use of healthcare quality data.
Learn how to effectively incorporate data reporting into routine depression screening in a primary care clinic.


John Schrom (Presenter)
One Medical

Arielle Slam, One Medical
Tsz Kiu Liu, One Medical
Colleen Bouey, One Medical
Laura Berk, One Medical
Allison Gilmore, One Medical
Lenard Lesser, One Medical
Raj Behal, One Medical

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