Oral Presentations

Web-based Interactive Visualization of Non-Lattice Subgraphs in SNOMED - CT

12:15 PM–12:37 PM Mar 23, 2020 (America - Chicago)



Programmatic Theme: Data Science

Abstract: Non-lattice subgraphs are often indicative of structural anomalies in ontological systems. Visualization of SNOMED CT’s non-lattice subgraphs is important not only for showing what has been asserted in hierarchical relations but also for demonstrating what is NOT asserted. a feature-rich web-based interactive graph-visualization engine called WINS is presented, for supporting non-lattice based quality assurance work of SNOMED CT. A facets-based interface is designed for easy querying desired non-lattice subgraphs. MongoDB is used for large sets of concepts, relationships, and subgraphs and complex query requirements. An interactive visualization interface is created by leveraging D3.js. A total of 14 versions of SNOMED CT US edition, from the March 2012 version to the Sept 2018 version, with about 170,000 subgraphs in each version, are extracted and imported into WINS. Two non-lattice based ontology quality assurance (OQA) works are also mentioned to demonstrate the important role of WINS in analyzing and reviewing non-lattice subgraphs.

Learning Objective: An interactive platform for visualizing the structures of ontologies to support non-lattice
based ontology quality assurance and shared decision making.


Wei Zhu, Case Western Reserve University
Shiqiang Tao (Presenter)
UT Health

Licong Cui, UT Health
Guo-Qiang Zhang, UT Health

Keywords, Themes & Types