sig2db: a Workflow for Processing Natural Language from Prescription Instructions for Clinical Data Warehouses

12:06 PM–12:28 PM Mar 26, 2020

Examining Potential Usability and Health Beliefs Among Young Adults Using a Conversational Agent for HPV Vaccine Counseling

12:45 PM–1:03 PM Mar 26, 2020

VS11: User- and Patient-centered Interventions

12:45 PM–2:15 PM Mar 26, 2020

Examining the Feasibility of EHR-based Clinical Decision Support for Implementing Choosing Wisely® Guidelines: A Thematic Analysis

1:03 PM–1:21 PM Mar 26, 2020

A Step Toward Structured Representation of Clinical Alerts within an Enterprise Knowledge Management System

1:21 PM–1:39 PM Mar 26, 2020

Utilizing User-Centered EHR Design for Systematic Deep Brain Stimulation Data Collection

1:39 PM–1:57 PM Mar 26, 2020

The Impact of Data Communication Style in Quality Reports on Depression Screening in Primary Care

1:57 PM–2:15 PM Mar 26, 2020

Characterizing Basic and Complex Usage of i2b2 at an Academic Medical Center

2:30 PM–2:48 PM Mar 26, 2020

VS12: Recruitment Technologies & Cohort Discovery

2:30 PM–4:00 PM Mar 26, 2020

JITA: A Platform for Enabling Real Time Point-of-Care Patient Recruitment

2:48 PM–3:06 PM Mar 26, 2020

Replacing Paper Informed Consent with Electronic Informed Consent for Research in Academic Medical Centers: A Scoping Review

3:06 PM–3:24 PM Mar 26, 2020

Linkability Assessment for Demographics Data

3:42 PM–4:00 PM Mar 26, 2020

Closing Keynote Address: Janina M. Jeff, PhD, MS

4:15 PM–5:15 PM Mar 26, 2020